65 Foot TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay Now Available for Sale


Head Rush Technologies, sister company to Eldorado Climbing Walls, today announces the launch of the TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay.  Using the same magnetic eddy current braking technology as the market-leading TRUBLUE Auto Belay, the TRUBLUE XL accommodates climbing wall designs as high as 65 feet (19.8 meters).

“I love the TRUBLUE XL Auto Belays. I find them amazing for training on tall walls and for warming up,” said Evan Race of Brooklyn Boulders Sommerville.  “It was great to have some first time climbers get to the top of our tallest walls due to these.  It’s a fantastic feeling for them and us to share… that was really awesome.”

TRUBLUE Auto Belays, including the TRUBLUE XL, are the only auto belay devices designed specifically for climbing.  The TRUBLUE uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system and is engineered to meet the strictest safety standards of all auto belays.

Modular and compact, TRUBLUE auto belays are easy to install, move and maintain.  TRUBLUE accommodates the widest range of climber weights, making it ideal for climbing wall construction that will be used by both children and adults.

“Due to the popularity of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, we frequently have received requests for an auto belay product from climbing wall operators with climbing walls of 42 – 65 feet in height,” said Candie Fisher, CEO of Head Rush Technologies.  “We are excited to bring this much-needed TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay product to our customers.”

Combined with Eldo Walls custom climbing walls or any of their climbing wall designs, the TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay is a great addition to any gym. Buy yours today for $2,495 at https://store.headrushtech.com, by calling 877-565-6885 (720-565-6885) or through our Head Rush Technologies Distributors.


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