Climbing Gym Resources

Resources for Prospective Climbing Gym Owners

Building a new climbing gym is a complex undertaking. Here are a few resources to get you started:


20 Tips for Building a Climbing Wall Facility

CWA Presentations:

At the 2013 Climbing Wall Summit, Jerad Wells and Jason Thomas presented a session called Planning for Programming Success. Download this document to learn more about how you can grow your membership and develop your programming efforts.

Presented by Leslie Rasch, The Economics of Climbing Wall Design gives a brief overview of how to apply economics to the layout of your climbing gym in order to maximize your earning potential.

In this Product Presentation: The TRUBLUE Auto Belay, Dan Brennan discusses how providing auto belays at your gym can attract new members and increase participation. Specifically, Dan explains how the TRUBLUE, powered by Eddy Current technology, can be incorporated in useful and innovative ways.


Thinking about opening a rock climbing gym? View this webinar for an overview of the basic information you’ll need to gather to get started.

Click here for additional educational webinars.

Industry Associations:

Climbing Wall Association


Eldorado Climbing Walls also offers a climbing gym startup consulting package.


Check out what goes into opening a climbing gym. Will Russ, owner of Santa Barbara Rock Gym, shares how he made his dream a reality with Eldorado.

Hear what Andrew Kratz of the Triangle Rock Club has to say about his experience of working with Eldorado Climbing Walls.

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