Climbing Wall Details

The Details Make the Difference

Not all climbing walls are created equal.  At Eldorado, we design and build premium walls with premium details.

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BRC 2012 3 - Thumbnail - CopySeamless Surface
A key feature of our High Performance and PerformanceRock systems is our seamless surfacing. This seamless texture offers a structural coating for longevity and minimal long term maintenance. Highly durable, our seamless surface delivers a premium climbing experience.

belay bar - CopyBelay Bars
Our heavy duty steel belay bars dramatically reduce rope wear and, due to increased surface contact with rope, provide greater safety while belaying. Belay bars also provide greater flexibity for your climbing lanes, as they can accomodate both a top rope and an auto belay in the same lane. This is not the case with the double point top rope anchors provided by many manfacturers. Belay bars are standard with all Eldorado custom climbing wall projects.

Standard on our High Performance climbing walls, our proprietary T-nut design takes performance one step further. With our premium 3-screw design, your team will spend less time and money on maintenance and replacement than they would with other pressed-in or hammered-in T-nut designs.

Our ProTec climbing wall flooring is a multi-layer flooring system designed to be aesthetic, easy to maintain and highly durable. Climbing wall operators prefer ProTec because it is soft enough to reduce the impact of a falling climber, but firm enough to support ladders and wheelchairs for efficient routesetting and accessibility. With ProTec flooring, chalk can be easily vacuumed for easy cleaning.

Access Doors
Our climbing walls include hinged 2′ x 4′ doors for easy access behind the climbing wall.  These doors are lockable for safety and, unlike the small cubby holes provided by some other manufacturers, allow staff to easily access the back of the wall for inspection and maintenance.