Climbing Wall Summit 2013: Unveiling of the USA Climbing Wall

Well, today is the Thursday after the Climbing Wall Summit, and I think we are all finally taking a few deep breaths now that the dust has settled.

For those who don’t know, the Climbing Wall Association hosts a huge annual conference, The Summit, right in our very own backyard here in Boulder. Every year, Eldorado is proud to be a Lead Sponsor for the event. This year’s Summit took place last weekend, and we had a great time working our booth and presenting on a handful of topics. A lot of effort came from all of our staff to make the weekend run smoothly, and looking back, we’re very proud of how everything played out. Here’s a quick overview on our participation in the Summit:

Thursday afternoon, Design and Creative Director Jason Thomas and CEO Jerad Wells presented a pre-conference seminar, Planning for Programming Success. We had a variety of attendees, ranging from those who have had gyms for years on end to those who had a dream, but were still looking for guidance on how to start a rock climbing gym. The purpose of this seminar was to help gym owners recognize the impact their climbing wall design can have on the growth of their membership and the success of their programming efforts. As a climbing wall builder that’s been around for about 20 years now, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to designing your gym to receive the highest return on investment, and we were happy to share that knowledge. All the attendees learned something valuable that they could bring home and implement into their climbing gym business plan.

Thursday night was the opening night, and we were proud to represent a USA-themed booth in honor of our newest product, the USA climbing wall. The USA wall, an acronym for Ultra Simple and Affordable, presents those concerned about the cost of rock climbing walls with an economical option for their gym, recreation center, school, or business. Like all of our products, it is “made in the USA.” To highlight our new product, we spent the weekend at the booth asking trivia questions and entering attendees in a drawing to win an extended TRUBLUE demo for their gym. The trivia allowed us to meet and socialize with a lot of folks, and really let us show that we aren’t just a climbing wall manufacturer, we’re a group of individuals who are interested in your business and who are here to help with any questions you may have, whether its about your design, your business plan, your location, or anything else you could think of.

Friday and Saturday continued smoothly with three other presentations:

Climbing Wall Design for Membership and Programming Success, moderated by Eldorado CEO Jerad Wells: In this session, panelists from rock gyms ranging as young as 10 months old to 15+ years shared their insights when it comes to planning the layout of their gyms in order to maximize their return on investment. Panelists discussed how layout, product choices, use of social space, and programming played into the design of their gyms and their ability to maximize member generation and retention.

Economics of Climbing Wall Design, presented by Eldorado Sales Manager Leslie Rasch: In her presentation, Leslie gave a brief overview of how to apply economics to the layout of your climbing gym in order to maximize your earning potential. Leslie reviewed a climbing gym layout in order to exemplify and analyze the ROI of the design and programming options.

Product Presentation – TRUBLUE Auto Belays, presented by TRUBLUE National Sales Manager Dan Brennan: In his presentation, Dan discussed how providing auto belays at your gym can attract new members and increase participation. Specifically, Dan dove into the details on how the TRUBLUE is the only auto belay on the market that meets international safety standards for fall arrest devices, thanks to its unique use of magnetic eddy current technology. Dan concluded by providing examples on how many gyms are incorporating their auto belays in useful and innovative ways.

All in all, T-Shirts were given out, raffles were raffled, and the conference came to a close with a party at a local bouldering gym, where attendees could enjoy pizza and beer. We were worn out from the high energy, excitement, and work it took to make this even happen for us, but at the end of it all, we couldn’t have asked for a better few days and we look forward to being back next year! Thanks to the Climbing Wall Association for putting on such a good show!

Contact us to learn more about the USA Climbing Wall and other products and services Eldorado Climbing Walls has to offer. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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