Colorado State University

From Rendering to Reality

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO
The climbing wall at the Colorado State University Student Recreation Center is a great case study for any university considering a climbing wall facility.

With 3,323 of indoor climbing surface, the facility consists of a 40 foot PerformanceRock free standing tower and 55 linear feet of High Performance bouldering. This wall meets the needs of all user groups, from the students to the administration to the facility management.

The wall is run by student-employees and the climbing club is very active on campus. The CSU climbing wall is an excellent example of how design and programming can come together to make a climbing wall a hub of social activity on campus.

Product Used: PerformanceRock – High Performance and REALRock
Our PerformanceRock product was the perfect choice for the needs of this facility. Combining our High Performance and REALRock systems, this climbing wall unites the operational goals of the indoor climbing program with the aesthetic desires of the campus administration. In fact, PerformanceRock is becoming so popular with universities that we are thinking about calling it “U Rock!”

The climbing wall is the architectural centerpiece of the CSU Student Recreation Center. The highly aesthetic REALRock portion of the tower can be seen through the glass façade of the building’s entrance. Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), REALRock looks and feels like natural rock. As experienced wall operators know, the key to keeping climbers enthusiastic is creative and ever changing routes.

The remainder of the tower and the entire bouldering area is made of our High Performance system, which allows for a beautiful and functional “blank canvas” for the student routesetters.

In addition to this climbing facility, the CSU Student Recreation Center features a poolside climbing wall and an MEGARock outdoor boulder.