Devils Tower

From Rendering to Reality

Campbell County Recreation Center

Gillette, WY

At a circumference of 74 feet and a height of 42 feet, the climbing structure at the Campbell County Recreation Center replicates Wyoming’s famous Devils Tower National Monument.

Eldorado took on an extensive process to understand the national monument’s features, translating the unique terrain to a scale that it both engaging as a climbing structure and recognizable as a replica.   The result is a climbing tower that captures the classic features and overall climbing experience on Devils Tower.


Product Used: PerformanceRock – High Performance and SHOTRock
Eldo designed this tower using our innovative PerformanceRock product. PerformanceRock provides facilities with the best of both worlds. A unique combination of our climbing gym-quality High Performance and our incredibly realistic SHOTRock systems, this unique PerformanceRock structure satisfies the needs of the climbers and the facility.

The façade of the tower is our hand sculpted SHOTRock system, which can mimic the look of any rock found in nature.

This custom replica of Devils Tower provides the recreation center with a dramatic focal point for anyone the facility. On the other side of the tower, our High Performance system, provides the Campbell County Recreation Center with infinite possibilities in routesettting, which keeps climbers engaged and eager to return.