Eldo a Lead Sponsor of the 2013 Climbing Wall Summit

Eldorado Climbing Walls is proud to announce our Lead Level Sponsorship of the Climbing Wall Association’s 2013 Climbing Wall Summit. The Climbing Wall Summit is the climbing industry’s professional development conference and is held in Boulder, CO on May 30 – June 1.

A long standing supporter of the climbing wall industry, Eldo is offering a free 1 hour climbing gym startup consulting session to all conference attendees. Please contact Marleigh Hill, Sales Coordinator, at mhill@eldowalls.com to schedule your consulting session.

In addition to being a key sponsor conference, our experienced Eldo team will be sharing their expertise at several conference sessions:

  • Planning for Programming Success – presented by Jerad Wells, CEO and Jason Thomas, Design Director – Eldorado Climbing Walls
  • Climbing Walls Design for Membership and Programming Success – presented by Jerad Wells, CEO – Eldorado Climbing Walls
  • The Economics of Climbing Wall Design – presented by Leslie Rasch, Sales Manager – Eldorado Climbing Walls
  • TRUBLUE Auto Belays - presented by Dan Brennan, National Sales Manager – TRUBLUE Auto Belays

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