Eldorado Projects Highlighted on NIRSA Facilities Tour

This year, the NIRSA Triventure event took place in Denver and toured seven different recreational facilities, of which four included climbing wall designs built by Eldorado. NIRSA Triventure is an event that allows those involved in the industries of aquatics, fitness and wellness, and recreation to come together to network, attend educational sessions, tour a variety of facilities, and socialize.

Attendees to NIRSA Triventure were able to tour our climbing wall projects at Colorado State University, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado College, and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Both the School of Mines and Colorado College were built using our High Performance product, known for its extreme durability against high volume usage. It also allows a high t-nut density, enable ultimate flexibility in routesetting.

Colorado State University is built from PerformanceRock, which allows for not only for durability under high-volume usage, but also has a realistic rock look and feel that brings the outdoors to indoor climbing. Performance rock achieves this goal due to it being a hybrid product of our High Performance system combined with REALRock or SHOTRock systems. University of Colorado Boulder, currently under construction, will also be made from PerformanceRock.

View a gallery of these projects below, and contact us at 303-447-0512 to learn more about our climbing wall construction and climbing wall designs. We’re happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Want to know what projects we’re doing at Eldo Walls, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what’s new in the climbing wall industry.


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