Climbing Wall Equipment & Flooring

Turnkey Solutions. To give you a hassle-free and complete climbing structure, we offer everything to outfit your climbing wall. We have what it takes to make your climbing program successful.

Franklin Handholds

Manufactured at Eldorado’s production facility, all Franklin holds are made from virtually indestructible urethane. Hundreds of shapes are available in all sizes and difficulty levels. For ideal performance, handhold density should be a minimum of one handhold receptacle per square ft of wall area.

Dynamic Climbing Ropes

Only dynamic ropes should be used in a climbing facility for both top-roping and lead-climbing. There should only be one rope per belay bar. Size, diameter and manufacturer is based upon personal preference and availability.

Climbing Shoes

Although climbing shoes are not mandatory for usage on Eldorado climbing walls, a shoe rental program can profitably complement admissions revenues. Pick a well rounded, comfortable shoe and purchase at least two pairs in each popular size.

Auto Belays

An auto belay is a controlled descent device designed for the climbing industry. The auto belay provides a hands free belay for the climber, eliminating the need for an additional climber or attendant to serve as belayer.


Our turnkey solution includes your flooring needs. We offer our PROTEC® multi-layer flooring, as well as other flooring options for your facility.

Belay Devices and Locking Carabiners

Every climbing program will need a few belay devices and locking carabiners for rental and instruction.

Routesetting Tools and Marking Tape

Ladders, wrenches, bolts, and routesetting tape should be on hand at all times so your routesetter can keep things fresh and exciting.

Warning: Climbing is inherently dangerous. The equipment descriptions here are not meant to be an instructional booklet. Anyone using this gear is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques. All equipment specifications are the manufacturers. Climbing equipment is specifically designed for climbing only, has limitations, and must not be used for any other purposes. Improper use or misuse increases risk of injury, paralysis and death.