Climbing Wall Flooring

PROTEC® Flooring System

ProTec is a multi-layer flooring system designed to be aesthetic, easy to maintain and highly durable. Climbing wall operators prefer ProTec because it is soft enough to reduce the impact of a falling climber, but firm enough to support ladders and wheelchairs for efficient routesetting and accessibility.

  • 5½” dual density impact distribution system
  • Open and closed cell foam, including Dollamur
  • Captures chalk dust to keep air & merchandise clean
  • Easily maintained by vacuuming
  • Durable, low maintenance materials
  • Wear-resistant Cordura edging with “no profile” seam treatment
  • Available in Red, Blue, Black or Gray
  • Self install or professional installation available

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Other Flooring Options

Custom “Flip Up” Pads- If your climbing wall is in a multi-purpose area and space is an issue, Eldorado’s custom “Flip Up” pads are perfect for you! Custom fit pads can also be used to discourage people from using the walls in off hours.

  • Assorted sizes to fit any wall
  • 3.5″ or 6″ thick, depending on the size of your wall
  • Dual density foam
  • Durable 18 oz. vinyl cover
  • Velcro flap attaches pads together
  • Hanging system to close off wall when not in use
  • NO CLIMBING printed on bottom of every other mat