ESPN Rise Up

Gecko Climbing Wall and TRUBLUE Auto Belay Featured on ESPN’s Rise Up

Eldorado Climbing Walls was featured on the Chicago episode of ESPN’s RISE UP, an original series that tells the story of four communities coming together to renovate their local high school athletic facilities.

To support the renovation of the athletic facilities at Dyett High School in Chicago, IL, Eldorado donated the materials and installation for a Gecko Modular Climbing Wall and TRUBLUE Auto Belays.  As avid climbers ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity to expose the students at Dyett to the experience of indoor rock climbing.

The Gecko Modular Climbing Wall and TRUBLUE Auto Belays are a perfect combination for a high school climbing wall.  The climbing wall is fun to climb for the students and low maintenance for the school, while the auto belays make it easy for the students to just clip in and climb.

Eldorado representatives were onsite for the installation and the reveal of the facilities to students, faculty and staff.  It was amazing to see the excitement and enthusiasm that the students had for the climbing wall.  While none of the students had climbing experience, they eagerly embraced the opportunity to get on the wall and try something new.