Our Favorite Climbing Walls

On our Eldo staff page, our team tells you what their personal favorite Eldo climbing wall designs are. However, if you aren’t familiar with our projects, those words may not mean much to you! We’ve done a lot of climbing wall construction, so here’s a breakdown of the walls we love so much to give you a nice idea of the variety of projects we’ve done.

Boulder Rock Club Expansion: Jerad

Already one of the premiere climbing gyms in the country, the Boulder Rock Club invested in a remodel to make the facility even better. In this climbing wall design, over 1,000 square ft of climbing terrain was added to the existing facility.

BRC 2012 1

Texas A&M Refurbishment: Leslie

Commonly referred to as “The Rock,” the climbing facility at Texas A&M University – Commerce is the focal point of the Morris Recreation Center and offers climbing for all levels of climbers. The climbing area includes a 45’ tower and over 80 linear feet of bouldering at 13 feet high.

Texas A&M Climbing Wall

The Hive: Jason

The Hive is a bouldering only gym – the only one of its kind in Vancouver, Canada. Located in a 10,000 square foot warehouse space, The Hive provides climbing for all skill levels with over 250 problems, a horizontal archway, and a dedicated programming wall.

The Hive

University of Nebraska, Lincoln: Dave

A plan in progress, the University of Nebraska wall is scheduled to be built as one of many updates to the university’s recreation center.

Nebraska - Lincoln

Metro Fire Rescue SHOTRock Wall: Candie

This 58 foot outdoor climbing wall includes a climbable crack and rappelling ledge. Made from custom hand sculpted SHOTRock, the wall provides training opportunities for advanced climbing techniques, as well as gurney hoisting and lowering. Firefighters also are exposed to rescue pick training—rescuing a climber in distress.

West Metro

Silverthorne Private Residence: Megan

The centerpiece of an amazing home, this SHOTRock climbing wall spans the entire elevation of the house and can be observed from many angles on the central staircase. Two TRUBLUE auto belays allow for the homeowners and the guests to use the wall at any time, whether they have a belay partner or not.


True North: Scott and Jen

With over 14,000 square feet of climbing terrain, including the largest fully suspended artificial stalactite in North America and a huge top-out bouldering area, True North Climbing is a state-of-the-art rock climbing facility. True North was built in what used to be an airplane hangar for de Havilland’s production of Mosquito bombers in the early 1940’s. Eldo was inspired by the look of these planes, and used that to drive the design of the shapes of the walls and the color scheme

True North Climbing 1

CSU Natatorium: Debra

Eldo built a wonderful climbing facility at Colorado State University, including a poolside bouldering wall. The wall allows climbers to drop off right into the pool with a splash.

CSU Natatorium

Bechtel Summit National Boy Scout Ranch: Chris and Tami

Eldorado is excited to be involved in the climbing wall construction of the Bechtel Summit National Boy Scout Ranch. Visit their blog site to learn more about the project!


Check out our climbing wall design portfolio and find out how Eldorado Walls can help you build your next climbing wall – it could just become one of our favorites!

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