Court Conversions

Maximize Your Facility and Revenue

At peak capacity, a racquetball court can only entertain 4 participants at once. Using the same space, a thoughtfully designed climbing wall can accommodate up to 24, and become a visual centerpiece for your facility.

The Vertical Wave and Double Wave rock climbing walls are created with proven designs and the highest quality construction methods. These climbing wall packages are turn-key, aesthetic and functional. Built with the same texture system as our High Performance™ rock climbing walls, these designs deliver exceptional quality, and the most economical pricing in the industry.



  • Covers 2 or 3 walls of your racquetball court
  • Height of 20′
  • Capacity of 16 – 24 climbers
  • Complete equipment and flooring packages available
  • Training program to familiarize your staff with routesetting, management, and wall operations