Pensacola Christian College

From Rendering to Reality

Pensacola Christian College

Pensacola, FL

At 55’ high, this REALRock™ climbing wall installation is both the tallest and the largest in any university environment.

Unique in its realism, this was an architecturally driven project where aesthetics were as important as performance. The client’s vision was to create a massive indoor climbing environment indistinguishable from rock formations found in nature. Through a highly collaborative design process, Eldo created a setting that not only surpasses expectations, but overwhelms the senses.

To accommodate the customer’s needs, our REALRock wall system was used. The scope of terrain dictated that we build a much larger GFRC mold library than was commercially available in the architectural rock industry. By producing the REALRock molds and panels ourselves, we defined the true character of the rock and introduced a new system that functions as well as it looks.

The outcome is a product that not only looks like rock found in nature, but will climb as well in 5 years as it does the first day thanks to a good balance between natural and modular handhold placements.

Product Used: REALRock
Custom designed and built to suit your facility, REALRock walls allow for a wide variety of natural features including freestanding boulders, pinnacles, cracks, arêtes, archways, overhangs, dihedrals and more. Our heavy, solid REALRock system truly looks, feels and climbs like natural rock.

A welded steel superstructure supports the Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) panels that seamlessly blend into a monolithic rock face. The end result is a visually striking climbing wall offering
generous terrain in a variety of style and color options.