USA Wall

U-ltra, S-imple, A-ffordable

Our USA Wall provides climbing wall operators with an economical alternative to our premium seamless High Performance system.

The USA Wall is a modular seamed system of a epoxy-based texture applied over 3⁄4 inch plywood panels. Supported by a steel framing system, the modular panels are quickly installed and can be replaced as needed.  A high density of t-nuts (3 per square foot) allows for extensive route setting options.


Design options for the USA Wall are limitless and the panels are available in a wide range of colors. Our industry-leading design team will work with you to create the USA Wall system that best meets the needs of your facility and your climbers.


Ideal for:


  • Custom designed and built to suit your facility
  • Quick installation of panels
  • Limitless architectural configurations and aesthetic options
  • High density of handhold fasteners for maximum routesetting functionality
  • Planar surfaces allow for placement of all size handholds
  • Includes routesetting tools and maintenance kit
  • Training program to familiarize your staff with routesetting, management, and wall operations
  • Available in a wide range of colors