What To Expect from the Eldo Walls Climbing Wall Construction Process

If you’re interested in building a climbing wall with Eldo, it’s good to be aware ahead of time the key phases of the climbing wall construction process. In this blog post, we’ll provide a brief overview of each stage. You can learn more by reading our comprehensive process overview.

TRC constructionStage One: The Proposal and Formal Contract

Before you even sign a contract, you’ll speak with our sales department about your vision for your wall. In turn, the sales team will turn this vision into a proposal that will include design ideas, wall product suggestions, and the proposed price and timeline. Then, a formal contract will be sent outlining the agreement and setting up expectations for both parties.

Stage Two: Formal Design

Next, our team will design a functional space for you that directs traffic flow, encourages membership growth and retention, and maximizes available climbing terrain while providing variation in climbing styles, features and difficulty. Your climbing wall design will be customized and unique, and tailored to your facility, user groups, and programming objectives. Your Eldorado Design Team then takes your approved design through to shop drawings, engineering, and prefabrication.

Stage Three: Climbing Wall Construction

After approving the install schedule, our team mobilizes to begin building. Phases of construction vary depending on projects, but most follow a similar process where our BombProof framing system is erected, then the surface layer or “substrate” is applied, followed by texture or seaming depending on the wall system. Finally, the paint details are applied to bring this world class rock wall to life. Timelines for project completion will vary depending on each project’s scope of work, complexity of design, and products selected.

Stage Four: What to Expect Post Construction

Once construction is complete, you’ll be left with a beautiful new climbing wall! Before we demobilize, we will provide a brief training on the maintenance and overall operation of your wall. After that, Eldorado will always be available to provide continual support. We offer many climbing wall services after your wall is built, including climbing wall inspections and refurbishment.

Eldorado Climbing Walls is the leading climbing wall manufacturer that offers the best in customer service, design, and innovation. We don’t just sell you the wall; we provide turnkey solutions to help you through every step of the process. For more information and to see our portfolio of climbing wall designs, contact us at 303-447-0512 or email our sales team at sales@eldowalls.com.

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