Winner of the Dream Climbing Wall Design Contest

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We’re excited to announce the winner of our Dream Climbing Wall Design Contest, Jay S of East Point, Georgia! Jay’s submission was unique, and we loved how he incorporated a way to make his custom climbing wall truly versatile. Check out Jay’s entry:

My rock wall would be less of a wall and more of a free standing arch around 15 feet high. You could climb up one side with increasingly difficulty, then turn around and then descend on the other side. In addition to having holds in the inside of the arch, there would be some on the sides and top so you could make it to the top and walk/sit on the top.

Also, you could take the entire arch, flip it upside down, and hang it from the ceiling so you could start at the bottom of the arch and work up either side. And if the arch was hanging loosely, it would be able to sway and swing and slightly rotate while you’re climbing, adding to it’s difficulty.

This is how my wall would be and how I would want you to EldoraDO it.

Shoes - Docon-2TJay has won himself a pair of Evolv Docon Lace-Up Shoes, as well as some Eldorado Swag. About Evolv: “Evolv is a US-based performance climbing and outdoor footwear company dedicated to creating high friction technical rock shoes as well as performance casual footwear… Evolv is now one of the top rock climbing shoe companies in the world and is trusted by many professional athletes, and weekend warriors alike, to reach their full potential.” Jay – these shoes are top of the line and we’re sure that you’ll love them. Enjoy having some happy feet!

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